what i love: words in white

soul sessions [huntsville]

location: a cup of everything, downtown huntsville

sounds by dj cbattle

photos by Randall Williams (@rl_renassaince) 

my 28th birthday celebration.

i want to take the time out to thank those who gave their love and support to me on this day. this past year gave me every reason to give up but instead forced me to find love and life in the midst of confusion and spiritual instability. soul sessions means much more to me than just conversation. it's the exchange of energy, the magic of transformation through transparency, and how what we hear and share makes us all feel. 

these pictures tell a story, one far too long for this moment, but one that can be captured in it. these spaces, safe spaces, have been the very foundation of which movements are built. and it's our job as leaders to continue the work of those that came before us to curate and create these experiences that build the communities we want to live, work and play in.

so cheers to the creatives. the misunderstood and misrepresented. our time is now. 

find your lane, stay in it.

and above all....focus on the work. -AO 


In this installment of Afu Okosun's Soul Sessions, he brings the community together to discuss race, diversity, social anxiety and other real issues. Kickin' Flavor was in attendance and we served up Chicken Parm Sandwiches and other finger foods to all the guests. KICK IT WITH US EVERYWHERE!
Hosted by the campaign for Tommy Battle For Mayor, Soul Sessions Huntsville hosted Huntsville, Alabama Mayor Tommy Battle for one of his community conversations as he discussed the current state of the city. During the event, we discussed the opportunities, issues and challenges that face young, minorities in the city of Huntsville.
Dwayne Wayne. Uncle Phil. Bruh Man from the 5th floor. They told us that it would be a different world…and we listened. 90’s pop culture was a magical time in which the same things that entertained us, also taught us. From Saved By The Bell to RapCity, the 90’s gave many of us the intangibles, good and bad, that shape the viewpoints and perspectives that we hold today. This Soul Sessions Huntsville, we discussed the nuances of black pop culture, the old, the new, what needs improvement and where we're getting it right. Hip-hop artist Translee joined us and gave his insider intake on the industry as well. Take a look inside!